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Trust companies

The Jersey and Isle of Man offices have many years' experience in servicing the requirements of regulated Trust & Corporate Service Providers (TCSPs) predominantly in their home jurisdictions but also in Gibraltar and Guernsey.

Recognising the specialist nature of their business we have a team dedicated to this particular segment and work closely with the firms and principals to ensure that our services are adapted for their needs. This will include the preparation of bespoke documentation, discussing specific client needs, undertaking staff presentations and where applicable, agreeing special pricing structures.

We aim to support firms with all their banking requirements and clients, and whilst our strategic focus is on Africa, we look to support the banking and investment requirements of the clients of TCSPs wherever they are based. Whilst we acknowledge the relationship which exists between TCSPs and their clients, we are happy to enter into direct dialogue with the underlying client where circumstances require and with the specific approval of the TCSP.

Standard Bank provides four distinct investment solutions designed to meet the different Investment needs, risk profiles and objectives of Corporate clients. To find out more about our Corporate Investment Solutions, click here.

Where Corporate needs are more complex, we work with our multi-jurisdictional Investment Bank to provide holistic Investment solutions to ensure the right outcome for the client.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and provide dedicated Relationship Managers ensuring short lines of communication, swift decision making and regular review meetings.