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Master all aspects of your international finances to suit your globetrotting lifestyle.

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Whether you're building your wealth, needing guidance on managing your money or investing, or embarking on travels, we'll support you in realising your goals.

What to consider when planning to study abroad - hero banner blue
Ready to spread your wings?

Studying abroad is both exciting and unsettling. With a little preplanning, you can have more of the former.

What to consider when planning to study abroad - article image
What to consider when planning to study abroad

Choosing to study abroad takes some upfront research and planning around the associated costs of an international education.

Planning for your child's overseas education - article image
Planning for your child’s overseas education

Providing your children with international schooling takes much thought, research and planning around the associated costs.

Top tips for business travellers

If you’re a frequent business traveller, you can save time and money with these smart travel hacks.

Bank globally even if you live locally

With a bank account held abroad, you remove the need to buy foreign exchange every time you travel abroad.

How to send money to relatives abroad

Sending money half way round the world is as quick, simple and secure as making a local payment.

Travel overseas like a pro

Follow these top travel hacks to make your overseas holiday one to remember for a lifetime.

Building your wealth
Invest in UK property

It pays to do your research if you’re looking to invest in property in the UK.

Setting up business entities
Expand your business internationally

Are you thinking it’s time for your business to go global? Reach new clients and scale new heights.

Saving and Investing
Save for must-haves, and those nice-to-haves - All 14 Formats
Save for must-haves, and those nice-to-haves

It’s vital that you manage your finances now so your disposable income is put to good use.

Expand your horizons by studying abroad

In today’s fast-paced business world, a growing number of people are investing in a globally-recognised education.

What you need to know about international savings
Save money as you sail around the world

So, you’ve decided to become crew on a super yacht. While working hard, you’ll get to travel the world, sail the oceans, meet celebrities, and make some money along the way. Crewing a yacht can be a wonderfully rewarding experience, provided you plan ahead.