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Travel overseas like a pro

Follow these top travel hacks to make your overseas holiday one to remember for a lifetime.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance may tighten your budget, but it’s worth every cent. It will cover you against risks such as lost or stolen luggage, cancelled flights and – most importantly –medical emergencies and evacuation. Like other forms of cover, travel insurance policies have specific benefits and exclusions, so take the time to read the policy wording carefully.

Navigating the city

Whether you’re travelling solo, or with a friend or partner, getting lost in an unfamiliar city is no fun. Look for free apps to help you navigate. In addition to driving and walking, some make it easy for you to use public transport, even recommending routes that combine walking, bus and train routes, making it really useful for planning your itinerary. Translation apps will also help to overcome the language barriers, offering text-to-speech or voice-to-voice translation. Different apps offer different languages, so choose one that is right for your needs. 

 Getting around the city 

Ride-hailing apps are getting lots of people around these days, with more and more travellers opting for shared services over taxis and rentals cars. This is especially true for millennials, who want everything just one swipe away. There is not much difference between the two when it comes to pricing and services, although Uber is more widespread.

Finding accommodation

 Travellers are increasingly mixing business with pleasure. In addition, many of them prefer Airbnb-style accommodations over hotels. You can use apps to find the best hotel and deals. You can find great destinations, save on hotels with ‘tonight deals’, and book instantly in the app

Be savvy with your money

Consider how you are going to fund your trip and manage your foreign currency while abroad.  If you are going to be travelling extensively or for long periods, you might want to consider an international bank account that will help you to manage and access your funds more easily. 

With an international multi-currency account, you can manage your finances across borders, make payments and deposits, or withdraw money wherever you are in the world.

You can make payments in a range of currencies or check your balance with fast and secure 24/7 online banking. You can manage your accounts on the go using your mobile device, view account activity, transfer funds, make payments internationally between Standard Bank accounts, and link any accounts you hold within the Standard Bank Group.  

Next step

If you need to manage your money effectively while you are on holiday abroad, take a look at the Optimum Accounts that we offer.