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    Prepare now for a period of lower interest rates -full 14 image set
    Prepare now for a period of lower interest rates
    The extreme volatility in the global economy and financial markets over the past few years are a stark reminder that uncertainty lurks around every corner. Global stock markets have see-sawed from extreme highs to record lows over the past few years, leaving ordinary investors unsure of what to expect.
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    African generational tensions regarding the transfer of wealth - 14 image set
    African generational tensions regarding the transfer of wealth
    As directors of trust companies forming part of Africa’s largest bank by assets, with a presence in 19 African countries, it is fair for us to say that we have significant experience implementing estate and succession plans for families with African connections. Whilst we absolutely acknowledge that each family is unique, as are their estate and succession planning needs, we do still see threads of commonality when we are approached by families wishing to establish fiduciary structures.
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    Standard Bank International is perfectly positioned to support the growth of our organisation and the continent itself.
     Our Report to Society outlines our four social, economic and environmental (SEE) impact areas
    Standard Bank International is perfectly positioned to support the growth of our organisation and the continent itself.
Products and Services
Products and Services
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Leaving a legacy
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Ways to bank
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Learn more
About us
About us
Working at Standard Bank Offshore
Products and services
Products and services
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Choose ambition. Choose Standard Bank Offshore

Working at Standard Bank Offshore

Join a team of driven professionals who have built a steadfast reputation across international banking, lending, investment, fiduciary and wealth management services. Unlock a world of possibilities.

Our offices

Our operations in Jersey, Isle of Man, Mauritius and London present exciting and rewarding career opportunities. Join a team that has attracted top talent from across the financial services arena, led by a leadership team who cultivate empowerment. Explore the opportunities presented by our international offices.

Jersey Tile image

Located in the idyllic Channel Islands, renowned as a global financial centre by business and career-seekers, Jersey is the beating heart of our international operations for wealth, investments, fiduciary services and more.

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Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a regulated financial centre of excellence, recognised globally for attracting the industry’s top talent. Our office on the island houses many business units including our client-first Operations team.

Mauritius image 14 format

Specialising in offering fiduciary services to our clients, Mauritius has gained prominence in global financial circles for its regulatory robustness.

London - Article tile image 14 format

Our presence in the City of London is testament to the role we play to facilitate access to international capital and liquidity markets for our African clients.

Are you ready for a career change?

Browse available positions at Standard Bank Offshore, across our key offshore operational hubs.

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Reporting to society

Our four Social, Economic and Environmental (SEE) impact focus areas drive our support of communities locally and across Africa.

Standard Bank Offshore headcount

Our offshore teams form part of the Standard Bank Group total headcount, which stands strong at 50,000+. Standard Bank Group are proud to have been recognised as one of the World’s Best  Employers by Forbes in 2023.

What our colleagues say

We believe our People Promise enables all people across our business to shape their dream career.

Chloe -Testimonial image
Chloe Shimmin
Junior People and Culture Business Partner

“When an opportunity arose to join People and Culture, it was acknowledged that my passion to learn, my transferrable skills and knowledge of the business and its people were deserving of the opportunity. After a year in my role, I started my CIPD Level 3 Certificate in Human Resources Practice which was sponsored by the bank. I felt incredibly supported in my learning and appreciated the opportunity to study outside of my role requirements to further my personal development.”

Jennie -Testimonial Image - Quote Tile
Jennie Bronte-Hearne
Programme Lead: Social, Economic & Environmental Initiatives

“Having a young family, I am grateful to bank’s dynamic working policy which allows me to maintain a 35-hour week in a full-time role, and have the flexibility to be there to meet my children’s needs-, I can be there for them when it’s important.

My dynamic set up allows me to finish  at 3pm twice each week  so we can have quality time, or get to essential appointments allowing the weekend to be extra!

The Bank recognises our needs, and I am grateful to be present for my children, and have more time to unwind without feeling extra pressure to ‘do it all'.“

Ian -Testimonial Image - Quote Tile
Ian Kirkland
Head of Operations and Residential Services

“Whilst working for the bank in South Africa, my first business trip to the Isle of Man brought me the realisation that this was the place for my family. By showing committed delivery within my role and aspiration to make the move, I was given the opportunity to do just that!

Starting a new job and a new life on the Isle of Man during a world pandemic had potential to be a bumpy ride, but with the support of the bank I am pleased to still be here, with a story of contentment and success and a promotion to Head of Operations (ICS) for both Isle of Man and Jersey.”