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Products and Services
Borrow for your needs
Leaving a legacy
Ways to bank
Ways to bank
Products and services
Products and services
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Borrow for your needs
Ways to bank
Ways to bank
International loans made easy
An international loan lets you explore new opportunities to expand your investments

Get an international loan that assists you in achieving your goals

A loan is more than a financial transaction. It’s a statement of intent. Our asset-backed options include UK buy-to-let property loans and other international personal loan options.

Why Borrow with us
Easy international loans
Getting an overseas loan is not only possible, but also a lot simpler than you may realise
Borrow in Pounds sterling or US dollars
Your international secured loan will be offered in the same currency as your deposit you hold with us
Get on the UK property ladder
We offer specialised loan facilities for UK buy-to-let properties in London, one of the world’s most desirable locations
A professional, personal touch
Your personal banker can answer all your questions and help get your application processed by our experienced support staff

Benefits of personal loans


Enjoy easy access to international lending solutions as an existing Standard Bank client


Borrowing in the same currency as your deposits lowers transaction risk and complexity

Variable terms

Long term, short term and renewable loan terms can provide you with the flexibility you need


Why engage in complex structuring when international loans are this simple and accessible?
View in your preferred currency:
Our Personal Loans

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How do I apply for a personal loan?
Step 1: Before you apply

Check to see if you’re eligible for a loan with us. We will need to know your country of residence, your nationality and age.

Lastly, we need your contact details so we can get in touch to discuss the account application process.

Step 2: We will contact you

We will contact you within 72 hours by call or email to initiate the application process.

Step 3: Application and admin

This process starts with completing the application form and submitting your identifying and supporting paperwork.

We consider each deal individually, which is approved and processed when it fits our lending criteria. These criteria depend on the product that you are applying for.

We will assess your application and inform you within 48 hours whether you have been successful.

Step 4:

Once approved, the loan funds will be made available in your nominated account.

International bank accounts
International bank accounts

Open an international bank account today to support your global lifestyle and wealth management.

Accessible Investments
Accessible investments

Get exposure to global stocks as well as a mix of bonds and cash to build up your international investment portfolio.

Low maintenance investments
Low maintenance investments

Take a longer term, low-risk approach to your investments with funds that deliver more dependable returns.