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Products and Services
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Ways to bank
Ways to bank
Products and services
Products and services
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Borrow for your needs
Ways to bank
Ways to bank
Need to save? We got you.
We have a range of international savings accounts that allow you to save, no matter your goals.

Start saving today in an international account

No matter your time horizon, we have international savings accounts designed around your needs. Choose from long-term or short-term, fixed rate or variable rate, offering you flexibility and ease of use.

Why Save with us
Multiple currencies to choose from
Most of our international savings accounts are available in major currencies, including pound sterling, US dollar and euro.
Different options to suit different goals
Choose a savings account that matches your liquidity needs with a selection of instant access, term and notice accounts available.
Online access 24/7
Use our secure Online Banking or the mobile app to manage your international savings and view account activity.
Respected and trusted
Standard Bank has a proud history of more than 160 years serving the needs of discerning banking customers across the globe.

Benefits of a savings account

Peace of mind

Your international deposits are secure in a well-regulated financial jurisdiction

Currency options

Choose to save in either pound sterling, US dollar, euro or other currencies, as available

Save as it suits

Our range of international savings accounts cater to your differing needs and priorities

Digital access

Manage your account, view account activity and speak to us online or via the mobile app
View in your preferred currency:
International Savings Accounts

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How do I open a savings account?
Step 1: Before you apply

Check to see if you’re eligible for a savings account with us. We will need to know your country of residence, your nationality and age.

Lastly, we need your contact details so we can get in touch to discuss the account application process.

Step 2: We will contact you

We will contact you within 72 hours by call or email to initiate the application process.

Step 3: Application and admin

Once eligibility is confirmed, please complete the online application form and submit this together with your identifying and supporting paperwork.

If required, we will call you to resolve outstanding queries on your application or the information received.

Step 4: Fund your account

You have six months to transfer the minimum required balance into your new savings account. You can register for internet and mobile banking at this time to manage your account.

Interest Rates
Interest Rates for accounts no longer available
We also offer
International bank accounts
International bank accounts

Open an international bank account today to support your global lifestyle and wealth management.

Accessible Investments
Accessible investments

Get exposure to global stocks as well as a mix of bonds and cash to build up your international investment portfolio.

Buy-to-let property in the UK?
Buy-to-let property in the UK?

Are you looking to buy a rental home in the UK? Look no further for your property loan.

Easy access loan
Easy access loan

Use money you have in a term savings account as collateral for a loan of one to five years.