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Products and Services
Products and Services
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Fiduciary Services
Ways to bank
Ways to bank
Products and services
Products and services
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Borrow for your needs
Ways to bank
Ways to bank
Save the simple, sensible way
Whether looking for long-term security or easy access to your money.

Savings Accounts

Move your money into a low-risk international savings account that protects your capital while still growing steadily. With multiple currencies to choose from, you can easily set yourself on a path to building your international savings.

Some of the benefits


Gain peace of mind from the lower volatility of major global currencies

Major currencies

Save in pounds, euro, US or Australian dollars, and many more

Wide choice

Save with confidence, whether for a month, a year or longer


Our service teams pride themselves on delivering results
View in your preferred currency:

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Interest Rates
Interest Rates for accounts no longer available
We also offer
International bank accounts
International bank accounts

Open an international bank account today to support your global lifestyle and wealth management.

Accessible investments

Get exposure to global stocks as well as a mix of bonds and cash to build up your international investment portfolio.

Low maintenance investments

Take a longer term, low-risk approach to your investments with options that offer far greater certainty.

Buy-to-let property in the UK?

Are you looking to buy a rental home in the UK? Look no further for your property loan.