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Products and Services
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Ways to bank
Ways to bank
Products and services
Products and services
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Borrow for your needs
Ways to bank
Ways to bank
A little certainty counts for a lot
What's not to like about having more predictable outcomes from your investment decisions.

Structured Products

How would you like 20/20 vision on international investments that offer defined returns while limiting your losses?

Benefits of Structured Products


Take advantage of uniquely structured deposits offered as limited opportunities


The lower entry barriers mean it’s easy to get going on your global savings journey

Flexible options

We offer currencies, markets and terms designed to help you meet your financial goals

Wealth preservation

Gain peace of mind with products structured in a manner that limit your downside risks
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Performance updates

View the performance updates for Structured Products below.

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It may be tempting to spend your bonus on something frivolous, but not doing so can be far more rewarding.

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Accessible Investments
Accessible investments

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