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Security tips

We take your online security seriously. So should you.

About your security token

A dual-factor security token will be delivered to you once you have registered for Online Banking.

To activate your Security Token, sign in to International Online, then follow these steps:
1. Click on the Menu tab on the top left-hand side of the screen and select “Profile and Settings”. Then click on the “Activate token” option on the bottom of the page.
2. Enter your Internet Client Number and click on Next.
3. Enter the 10-digit token serial number (no space or dashes), which appears on the back of the token, into the “Serial number” field on the screen.
4. Press the grey token button once to switch the token on (ensuring that the button is on the left of the display), then wait two seconds for the 6-digit Security Code to be displayed. Enter this code into the first “Security Code” fields.
5. Wait for the 30-second countdown to end.
6. Press the grey token button again for a new 6-digit Security Code to be displayed. Enter the new code into the second “Security Code” field. This must be a different number from the first one.
7. Click on the “Activate” button.
Your Security Token is now active.
You will have to enter a Security Code to authorise payments and transfers.

  • We use a security token to authenticate all new online payment instructions
  • The token generates a random number linked to your Online Banking service
  • You will need to enter this number when you are making an online payment
  • The grey button must be on the left side of the token to read the numbers correctly
  • Contact our Personal Banking team during normal working hours if you are experiencing technical or other faults with your token

General security tips

  • Keep your password (PIN) secret
  • Log out properly after each session
  • Do not reply to any email that asks for your ID, password, PIN or account details. We will never ask for this information in an e-mail
  • Do not follow any links in emails to reach our Internet banking website
  • Always enter our website address directly in your browser


Internet security tips

  • Never reply to unsolicited emails asking for your personal information
  • Check your bank statements regularly to identify any errors or fraudulent transactions
  • Use our security features to ensure you have a safe and secure banking experience
  • Never allow your browser to save your password
  • Keep your Online Banking login and password safe. Don't keep them in the same place as your card
  • Do not run any program files unless you trust the source
  • Always check that you are on our official Online Banking website. Confirm that the site URL is correct and that there is a security certificate in the bottom-right corner of your browser
  • Install an anti-virus package and keep it updated
  • Control access to your computer, including the installation of applications


Software and patches

  • Ensure that your operating system and browser patches are kept up to date
  • Install and update your anti-virus and personal firewall software