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Using your Visa debit card

Find out how to activate your card and manage your limits.

Activate your card

You can activate your Visa debit card using the Mobile App .

  • Sign in to the Mobile Banking App
  • Tap on the menu icon at the bottom right of the screen 
  • Select ‘Manage Cards’
  • Available cards that have already been ordered will be shown
  • Select your card and tap ‘ACTIVATE CARD’
  • Once completed, successful activation will be confirmed

You can activate your Visa debit card using Internet banking

  • Sign in to International Online Banking using your login credentials
  • From the home screen, click on the menu button at the top left side of the screen
  • Select ‘Manage cards’
  • If your card has been ordered, you will be able to see the card listed here
  • To activate your card, select ‘ACTIVATE CARD’
  • Once completed, successful activation will be confirmed



Manage your limits

You can check the currency of your Visa debit card by looking for the currency abbreviation (GBP, USD, EUR, etc) printed on the front of your card.

Transaction limits

Your Visa debit card has certain daily limits intended to increase security of your card.

Limits on the value of cash withdrawals or till-point purchases in a 24-hour period:
£2000 | US$4000 | AU$3,500 | €4,000

Cash withdrawals are limited to three in a 24-hour period, which may not exceed a total of:
£600 | US$900 | AU$1,000 | €900

Transaction limits can be affected by transactions authorised but not yet debited.

Increase daily limits

You can request to temporarily increase your daily withdrawal and purchases limits.

To do so, please call our helpline. If you would like to discuss a higher limit, please call your personal banker during normal working hours.

You can increase temporary limits to*:

Currency ATM POS
GBP 1000 3000
USD 1500 6000
EUR 1500 6000
AUD 1500 6000

* Subject to having sufficient funds available on your card.

Helpline services

You can request the following services from this helpline:

  • Card activation
  • Card blocking
  • Transaction queries
  • PIN reminders
  • Limit charges*
  • Lost and stolen
  • Fraud management

*Please contact us during normal working hours if you would like to increase your daily withdrawal limit above the prescribed level.


Visa Direct

Your debit card is now enabled for Visa Fast Funds. This means that you can receive money into your account from eligible businesses within 30 minutes, subject to our normal Bank checks, just by quoting your Visa debit card number. This helps to keep your money safe by not sharing bank account details.