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Products and Services
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Ways to bank
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Ways to bank
Digital requests and queries

We offer the following digital channels through which you can request a call-back or attend to account queries or changes.

Secure messaging

This is available on Online Banking to:

  • Open an additional account
  • Close a nil balance account
  • Order a statement, reference or certificate of interest
  • Make a change of address
  • Change contact details
  • Make an internal transfer between your own accounts
  • Order a Visa debit card
  • Order a PIN reminder
  • Order a security token
  • Change telephone security questions
  • Set up a Fixed Term Deposit
  • Provide maturity instructions
  • Set up, cancel or amend a standing order
  • Give notice on an account

You can find the Secure Messaging feature in Online Banking:

  • Sign in to International Online Banking using your login credentials
  • From the home screen, tap on menu button at the top left side of the screen
  • Tap on the ‘Help & Services’ option
  • Select the ‘Get help with something else’
  • In the free format message box, give us the details of the payment or changes you want made
  • A Relationship Manager will be in touch to help you



Email queries

You can email us from an email address held on our records if you’re looking for information on the following:

  • Request to close an account with nil balance
  • To place notice on an account
  • To set up a new fixed term deposit
  • To open a new sub account
  • To cancel a debit card
  • General service or product queries