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    Prepare now for a period of lower interest rates -full 14 image set
    Prepare now for a period of lower interest rates
    The extreme volatility in the global economy and financial markets over the past few years are a stark reminder that uncertainty lurks around every corner. Global stock markets have see-sawed from extreme highs to record lows over the past few years, leaving ordinary investors unsure of what to expect.
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    Find out how you can get a residential property loan as a non-citizen.
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    African generational tensions regarding the transfer of wealth - 14 image set
    African generational tensions regarding the transfer of wealth
    As directors of trust companies forming part of Africa’s largest bank by assets, with a presence in 19 African countries, it is fair for us to say that we have significant experience implementing estate and succession plans for families with African connections. Whilst we absolutely acknowledge that each family is unique, as are their estate and succession planning needs, we do still see threads of commonality when we are approached by families wishing to establish fiduciary structures.
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Products and Services
Products and Services
Borrow for your needs
Leaving a legacy
Ways to bank
Ways to bank
Products and services
Products and services
Bank with us
Borrow for your needs
Ways to bank
Ways to bank
Funding your account

Your account must be funded within 6 months of opening and can be done in multiple deposits or as a lump sum. Transferring money to your account can be done in one of two ways.

Electronic transfer

You can make a transfer using your bank’s online banking system. 

You will have to set up your new Standard Bank International account as a beneficiary. Click on the link to find all the necessary routing details

Once set up, you can then transfer funds as you would with any other transfer or payment.

Manual transfer instruction

You will need to request a correspondent bank to transfer funds to your new Standard Bank International account.

To do so, please download this transfer instruction template  to simplify the process. You will need to provide your correct account details – including your IBAN or account number, and the relevant routing details .

To avoid closure of your account, please fund it with the minimum opening deposit within 6 months of opening.