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Visa debit cards

Learn more about the benefits of shopping securely and conveniently using a Visa debit card

Qualifying bank accounts

You can request a Visa debit card to be linked to any of the following Standard Bank International bank accounts:

  • Optimum Bank Account
  • Platinum Optimum Bank Account
  • Professional Demand Bank Account (available only to accredited Independent Financial Advisors)
  • Seafarer Account (available only to mariners in transit)
  • Corporate Call Account
  • Strata Bank Account

Visa debit cards are available in GBP, US$, EUR, or AU$ depending on your account’s currency.

To request a card, please contact us during normal opening hours.

Delivery times

Your card will be ordered as soon as your account becomes active, and should be delivered 7-10 thereafter.

Expiring cards

A new Visa debit card will be delivered to you before your current card’s expiry date. 

  • You will be notified by email when this is dispatched, including the courier tracking numbers.
  • Your card will be delivered to the address associated with your account.

Contactless payments

Experience the ultimate in shopping convenience with contactless payments. Enabled Visa cards allow you to make payments at the till point of up to £100* without needing to enter your PIN.                
* Or currency/country equivalent as determined by Visa

Pay at any till point around the world where the contactless logo is displayed.

How it works

  • The merchant must enter the transaction amount for you to approve
  • Touch your card on the point of sale terminal
  • You will need to enter your PIN for transactions over the contactless limit
  • You will receive a receipt for your purchase when paying at a till point
  • You can still use your card to pay as usual where you insert your card and enter the PIN
  • This is helpful if the contactless point of sale device or your card is faulty
  • If your card is faulty, call the help number on the back of your card for assistance


Your Visa debit card enabled for contactless payments uses the same, secure technology as Chip and PIN cards.

This means that:

  • The merchant must enter the transaction amount for you to approve
  • You will not be double-charged if you accidentally tap your card more than once
  • You will be asked to enter your PIN for payments above £100*

*Or currency / country equivalent as determined by Visa  

Lost/stolen cards

You receive the same protections as always against fraudulent use of your card in the event your card is lost or stolen.

Please contact our Visa lost or stolen card helpline immediately to be protected against fraudulent use of your card.

As a Visa cardholder:

  • You will be protected against repeated unauthorised use of your card
  • Random checks to verify authenticity will require that the card be inserted to make payments
  • We will guarantee protection against fraudulent transactions if you have notified us immediately the card is lost or stolen


Verified by Visa

Shop online with the confidence that your transactions are secured with the Verified by Visa password-protected authentication system.

How it works

Verified by Visa offers you secure online shopping with participating retailers that display the Verified by Visa logo.

  • Your card will be recognised as a Visa card protected by this system when you enter your details while shopping online
  • You will be sent an SMS message containing a one-time password
  • Once verified, your online transaction will be approved and processed

What you need to know

  • You do not need to register for Verified by Visa, but please ensure your correct mobile number is associated with your card
  • There is no cost involved, although your mobile provider may – depending on your plan – charge you to receive the text message
  • You can verify the authenticity of the text message by checking that it has been sent by either “StandardBK” or from the number “+46767494050”
  • The one-time password is only valid for 3 minutes
  • If you’re unable to enter the one-time password within 3 minutes, please click on the “Resend new code” link
  • After 3 failed attempts, you will be instructed to contact us

Managing your card

  • Please ensure your correct mobile number is associated with your card
  • If your mobile number changes, please update your number by calling us during standard UK working hours: Monday to Friday between 08:00 - 17:00

Visa Debit Card services (24/7 helpdesk)