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Defined Return Note Issue 2 - CLOSED

Defined Return Note Issue 2 offers a Minimum Return of 2.00% if the market is lower or the Defined Return of 14.00% if the market is flat or higher than the Start Level at Maturity. The product also provides daily liquidity subject to a market price.

What does it offer me?


Level of risk: Low to Medium 


Investment terms

Currency: US dollar
Minimum amount of US$20,000 for non-EU residents
Minimum amount of US$250,000 for EU residents
Apply before: 1 May 2018

Four years, and 1 week


Daily liquidity subject to a market price 

Minimum Return

2.00% (0.49% AER)

Defined Return
14.00% (3.31% AER)

Market Linked Return

At maturity you will receive back your Initial Investment plus a Minimum Return or the Defined Return.
US dollar investments are linked to the performance of the S&P 500 Index

Key Dates

Start of offer period   26 February 2018

End of offer period     01 May 2018

Start Date                 11 May 2018

Maturity Date            18 May 2022

Am I eligible?

You can apply for this Standard Bank Jersey Limited product if:

You are 18 years or over
You are a sophisticated investor
You are able to meet the minimum balance of US$20,000 (non-EU residents)

Defined Return Note Issue 2 Brochure

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