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Equity Linked Note Issue 2- CLOSED

Equity Linked Note Issue 2 provides the opportunity to participate in the Market Performance of either the S&P 500 Low Volatility Index (US Market), FTSE 100 Index (UK Market) or the S&P / ASX 200 Index (Australian Market) over a five year term. It provides 95% capital protection if held to maturity and the Participation Rate is dependent on your choice of market.



Level of risk: Medium

Investment Terms

Currency: US dollar, Sterling or AU dollar
Minimum amounts of US$20,000, £20,000 or AU$20,000
Apply before 4 May 2018

Investment Term: 
5 years and 1 week

Product Features: 

95% capital protection if held to maturity (capital loss limited to 5% of Initial Investment if Market Performance at maturity is negative)

United States, United Kingdom or Australian market choice

If at maturity Market Performance is positive, you receive a Market Linked Gain at a participation rate of:

  • 70% on United States and United Kingdom markets
  • 130% on Australian market

Key Dates

Start of offer period    26 February 2018
End of offer period      04 May 2018
Start Date                  18 May 2018
Maturity Date             25 May 2023

Am I eligible?

You can apply for this Standard Bank Jersey Limited product if:

You are 18 years or over
You are a sophisticated investor
You are able to meet the minimum balance of US$20,000, £20,000 or AU$20,000 (non-EU residents)

Equity Linked Note Issue 2 Brochure

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