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Quantum PLUS 21 Deposit - CLOSED

Quantum PLUS 21 Deposit offers a fixed rate of interest on 40% of your deposit (Quantum portion) and stock market linked growth potential on the other 60% of your deposit (PLUS portion).

What does it offer me?


 Level of risk:

Deposit terms
Currency: Sterling or US dollar
Minimum amounts of £10,000 or US$15,000
Apply before 21 December 2017

Quantum portion One year
PLUS portion Five and a half years, and 1 week

No access until the relevant maturity date
11 January 2019 (Quantum portion)
18 July 2023 (PLUS portion)

Fixed Interest Return
At maturity, you will receive back your deposit plus the relevant fixed interest rate
Sterling deposits earn 1.40% AER
US dollar deposits earn 2.50% AER

Market Linked Return
At maturity you will receive back your deposit plus 60% of the Market Performance for your chosen index.
Sterling deposits linked to the FTSE 100 Index
US dollar deposits linked to the S&P 500 Low Volatility Index

Key Dates
Start of offer period:   09 October 2017
End of offer period:     21 December 2017
Start Date:                 11 January 2018
Maturity Date:             11 January 2019 (Quantum portion)
                                 14 July 2023 (PLUS portion)

Am I eligible?

You can apply for a structured product with Standard Bank if:

You are aged 18 or over

You are able to meet the minimum balance requirement for your choice of account

Customers are required to make the deposit into their call account prior to strike date.

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