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International banking made simple
International banking 101 15 August 2023

International banking made simple

Banking internationally can feel intimidating, but the days of it being reserved for the wealthy are behind us. While
there may be restrictions on how much you can send from your home country, you can quickly and conveniently
open an international bank account wherever you are and enjoy banking as if you were at home.

Let’s unpack how it works and how it can help you grow your wealth, transact abroad and use it to support your
family in the UK.

What is international banking?

International banking entails everything from transacting and completing payments to undertaking foreign exchange from an international bank account, allowing you to manage your finances across borders.

Your options for international banking include the following:

  • International bank account
  • International savings accounts
  • Loan (subject to application)

How can I open an international bank account?

Did you know that you could bank internationally on the Isle of Man or Jersey and access benefits such as international currencies and well-regulated banking? Banking through the Isle of Man allows you to transact in hard currencies such as British pound sterling (GBP), US dollar (USD), Australian dollar (AUD) and Euro (EUR).

Take your dreams global from the comfort of your home with an international bank account that makes it easy to manage your money and access a full suite of banking services, from daily transactions in multiple currencies to digital solutions that allow you to bank from anywhere.

Our Optimum Bank Account is a full-service bank account offering that allows you to manage day-to-day finances, set up direct debits, use a Visa card for online and instore purchases, and access forex. You can bank in GBP, USD, AUD and EUR and we offer stable currencies available around the world.

Grow your wealth by saving it

As a Standard Bank Offshore client, we also offer you a secure, well-regulated jurisdiction in the Isle of Man or Jersey to help you save towards your goals and dreams. Whether you’re aiming to own a property in the UK or saving in hard currencies for a rainy day, we can help. We offer you savings account choices that are agile and flexible to access while being secure in a well-regulated jurisdiction.

What about loans?

We offer lending in various international currencies for your needs. Loans give you access to funds internationally, and depending on your needs, we offer access to portfolio lending, UK property lending and cash-backed lending. Loans are subject to application. Here’s how it works:

Cash-backed lending as an existing customer, you can apply for and secure a loan valued at up to 100% of the cash deposits you hold with Standard Bank in USD or GBP. The loan term is anything between 1 and 5 years.

Portfolio lending is specialised and tailored to your needs, which gives you the freedom to have a loan on your own terms. Subject to application and eligibility, portfolio lending occurs when you loan against the money you have in an investment account.

UK property lending enables a buy-to-let UK property investment. This is commonly done to provide a return in GBP by buying a property to rent. You’ll be able to finance and build your wealth as a non-UK resident investor through your account based on the Isle of Man.

Why bank with Standard Bank Offshore?

Standard Bank Offshore is based on the Isle of Man and Jersey. Neither the Isle of Man nor Jersey are part of the United Kingdom or the European Union. Instead, they are self-governing British Crown Dependencies, each with its own parliament, government, and laws.

With our roots firmly planted as a proudly South African bank, it allows us to offer unique services to clients from and across Africa.

Our long history and established reputation put you in award-winning hands. While our services and offerings are agile and speak to modern needs and provide the security that those banking from more volatile currencies need.