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The benefits of Standard Bank International Accounts  - all 14 formats
International banking 101 1 September 2023

The benefits of Standard Bank International Accounts

When you look into your future, do you see yourself relaxing on a houseboat in Europe? Or maybe travelling through Asia? Retirement, your child’s education and your financial stability don’t have to be dreams; banking internationally with Standard Bank Offshore can help turn those dreams into reality.

With an international bank account, investments and loan opportunities, you can make your money work harder on a global scale. It’s easier and more accessible than ever to bank internationally, diversify your portfolio, protect your wealth and reach your goals: invest in the most efficient solution in the most appropriate currency.

A global approach could help you achieve your financial goals and optimise the balance between risk and reward when banking, borrowing and investing.

Why should I bank internationally?

Having an international bank account based in the Isle of Man or Jersey provides you with access to a stable
economy and international currencies, which can help reduce your investment risk. By moving your investment
from local currency to hard currencies, you can future-proof your dreams against socio-economic changes at
home, while creating intergenerational wealth for your family.

International bank accounts

An international bank account offers you access to major currencies, such as British pounds sterling (GBP), US
dollars (USD), Australian dollars (AUD) and Euros (EUR). It’s also simple to send and receive payments and do your
day-to-day banking via internet banking and the Standard Bank App and using a Visa card, which can be used
anywhere that Visa is accepted.

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International loans

Did you know that your international deposits and investments could give you access to lower-risk loans? With our international lending solutions, you can borrow against the same currency as your deposits and investments to meet your short- and long-term goals.

UK property lending: Borrow to purchase a property in the UK in GBP in a no-fuss way to buy or refinance a residential or commercial property, with flexible repayment terms and attractive interest rates.

Deposit-backed loans: Unlock the potential held in your international deposits with a secured personal loan that is both flexible and customisable.

Cash-backed lending: Easily access a personal loan against your deposits in a call or instant access account as collateral.

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Save in an international account

Grow your wealth with a tailored savings solution that suits your needs across multiple terms. Banking internationally offers the benefits of security, peace of mind and, most importantly, a way to grow your wealth and achieve your dreams. If you are considering international banking but don’t know where to start or whether you are eligible, get in touch today.

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