Melville Douglas

Standard Bank’s in-house discretionary manager, Melville Douglas, maintains a strong independent investment culture and philosophy. The international aspects of the business operate through a long-standing and stable team of investment professionals based in Jersey.

What does it offer you?

The investment process leverages a team of over 30 specialists within an exacting portfolio risk management framework, where sector and stock analysts select securities on a fundamental, bottom-up basis, ensuring they are populated with only our best ideas.

Our investment ethos is to preserve and grow, in real terms, the capital entrusted to us through the delivery of superior risk-adjusted returns. The house view can be implemented and customised using direct securities or funds, and is tailored according to the results of the client risk-profiling exercise, which lies at the heart of the process.

Melville Douglas manages in excess of $4.3 billion globally.

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Offshore Services South Africa
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